Monday, February 13, 2012

S'mores - a quick and simple yet amazingly awesome snack

S'mores - short for 'some more' cos when you have one, you always want some more! If you are wondering, s'mores seem to originate in the US and is a popular camping snack - them American kids will take a couple of marshmallows and stick them on a stick, roast them over an open fire and then sandwich them between two 'graham crackers' which has a chocolate square on it.

Seeing as we're not American kids and don't know what graham crackers are, my extensive research tells me digestive biscuits are the closest thing to a graham cracker.

So, following the 'recipe' above, I took a McVities Digestive, popped 2 x dark chocolate Cadbury's buttons on top, then topped this with a Coles Smart Buy Marshmallow. A word on Coles Smart Buy Marshmallows, if I may. These, in my opinion, are the best marshmallows on the marshmallow market. They're not too sweet, they're big and soft and marshmallowy and best of all they're not doused in icing sugar with a weird cracked shell like some of those other imposter marshmallows out there. Plus, being Smart Buy brand, they're cheap as ... chips!

Back to the 'recipe'. I then put the assembled biscuit under the grill until it was a nice golden brown. (Please be careful if using a gas grill, as I found out...) I then placed a second McVities Digestive on top and by crikey, my s'mores were complete! The chocolate melts under the marshmallow; the marshmallow's a little bit crispy and oozy and when you bite into those crunchy biscuits with all of it together? Well, it's amazingly awesome. So much so, you'll want some more.... Enjoy!

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